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About Us

Talent Acquisition Experts

In 2001, esteemed executive search competitors Steven Fleming and Oren Gold merged their firms to integrate high-touch retained search, interim consulting, outsourced CFO | COO | CTO, succession planning, outplacement, and a low-touch digital talent marketplace. Wall Street Careers delivers human capital solutions leveraging human intelligence, AI, and machine learning for flawless search outcomes. We cultivate enduring client partnerships, providing meticulously curated research and completing searches in half the time of competitors.

  • Alternative Investments

    Asset Management

    Broker Dealers

    CLO | Tradable Credit


    Family Offices


    Hedge Funds

    Insurance Companies

    Investment Banks

    Merchant Banks

    Pension Funds

    Portfolio Companies

    Private Credit

    Private Equity Funds

    Service Providers

  • Board Members

    Executive Officer

    Administrative Officer

    Compliance Officer

    Financial Officer

    Data Officer

    Digital Officer

    Diversity Officer

    Human Resources

    Investment Officer

    Marketing Officer

    Operating Officer

    Product Officer

    Revenue Officer

    Risk Officer

    Security Officer

    Strategy Officer

    Technology Officer

    General Counsel

    Department Heads

Steve Fleming Headshot
Steven Fleming

Founder | CEO

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Oren Gold Headshot
Oren Gold

Co-Head | MD

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Amy O'Halloran Headshot
Amy O'Halloran

Human Resources

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Gary Maier Headshot
Gary Maier

MD | Tech Practice

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Nick Solomon Headshot
Nick Solomon

CTO | Head of Digital

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Tyler Lavery Headshot
Tyler Lavery

VP | Research

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Brian Barrett Headshot
Brian Barrett

MD | CFO Practice

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Edward Fleming Headshot
Edward Fleming

MD | IBank Practice

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Chris Zourides Headshot
Chris Zourides

MD | Outplacement

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Management Team

Combining our buy-side expertise and broad experience across the financial sector, functions, and geographies, our leadership fosters a culture focused on collaboration, insight, and quality to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Michael Kiley Headshot
Michael Kiley


Security Benefit

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Ed Fasano Headshot
Ed Fasano

Founder | CEO


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Chris Sullivan Headshot
Chris Sullivan

COO | Partner

CastleKnight Capital

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Jose Marques Headshot
Jose Marques


Intech Investment

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Gabe Benincasa Headshot
Gabe Benincasa

General Counsel


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John Janssen Headshot
John Janssen

Founding Partner


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Advisory Board
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